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ExamView is a user-friendly testing environment that allows you to not only publish traditional paper and computer based tests, but also Web-deliverable exams. Use the ultra-efficient Quick Test Wizard to create an exam in less than five minutes, take advantage of the question banks, or even customize your own exams.
Test Generator
Create assessments, study guides and worksheets using multiple-question formats, pictures, charts and other multimedia elements.
Test Manager
Administer assessments where students can take tests and everyone receives instant feedback.
Test Player
Automatically collect performance data to analyze student's results and identify areas of concern.
Key Features
Forteen  Question Types include true/false, modified true/false, multiple choice, matching, yes/no, essay, case, problem, short answer, numeric response, bimodal, multiple respons. completion (fill in the blank) and other.
Five Methods of Question Selection allow you to:
- Choose questions from a list
- Choose questions randomly
- While viewing questions
- By criteria (objective, difficulty code, etc.)
- By selecting all questions 
Enter an unlimited number of new questions or edit existing questions using ExamView's complete word processing capability. Undo, cut, copy, paste, find and replace and spell-checking functions are available at the touch of a key, as well as the ability to create tables, borders and shading.
Internet Tests and Study Guides can be created by simply choosing "Save as Internet Test" after you have built a test. You can then deliver the test via the Internet and student results will be automatically e-mailed back to you.
Online Test Wizard allows you to first format a test for delivery over local area network (LAN) or standalone computer, then control who takes the test, when it may be completed and what information (results, responses, answers, etc.) is provided to students.
Online Test Player allows you to deliver computerized tests and study guides online that consist of true/false, multiple choice, yes/no, matching, and/or completion questions, including graphics, audio, video and animations.
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