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Edu Assessment Pvt. Ltd. offers Simple, Reliable, Robust & Modern Response System to engage Live Audience

Our Audience Response System shares about 78% market world-Wide

About Us

Edu Assessment Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization providing audience response system and elearning solution in India. We have the advanced audience response system for better interaction between audience and presenter. We are the international partner of Turning technologies (World's Largest Response System Manufacturer), USA. We are engaged to make teaching and learning interesting, interactive and easy, which creates unprecedented excitement in students towards learning. We have a strong long-time client relationship; we give relentless support to our customers. We supply voting pads, classroom response system and elearning solution all over India in all major institutes. We are also the largest manufacturer of Smart multimedia podiums and kiosks.

We are providing sophisticated technologies, products and solutions to make classroom/conference room smart, interactive and up-to-date. Our student response system, audience response system, e-learning software, smart podiums, Teleprompters, interactive whiteboards and other products are being delivered and installed in various institutions, Universities, corporate and governments sectors. Our continuous intense progress gives certainty and reliability to our clients every day.


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